VAT and related compliance obligations, including EC Sales List and Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) can seem daunting. We can help simplify things by checking your circumstances to ensure that you’re doing things correctly and meeting your compliance obligations.

There may even be an opportunity to improve your VAT position.

We can either take care of your regular returns for you or show you how to manage things in-house.

Clients that opt for a bookkeeping service enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their VAT returns are being prepared accurately and on time.

Some businesses can benefit from registering for the VAT flat rate scheme and we can help work out whether this applies and would be of benefit to you.

Even if you don’t need to be VAT registered yet, VAT registration could well be in your best interests.

If you sell products and services into Europe, we can help ensure you complete your VAT returns correctly and submit additional reports such as the EC Sales List and MOSS returns.


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