Martin Vincent established the Astrum Accountants practice in 2007 following a 20 year career running companies and businesses in a range of challenging situations.

Having learnt from his extensive experience at the coal face, Martin decided to set up Astrum Accountants (formerly Vincent Ventures) to help other owners, directors and managers set-up, organise and run their businesses successfully.

Over the years, Martin has benefited from being directly involved, client side, in a range of business opportunities including:

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  • Debt finance
  • Private equity
  • Corporate recovery/turnaround
  • Business sales and disposals
  • Acquisitions
  • Staff incentives including option schemes
  • Management buyout
  • Systems implementation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Property management
  • Recruitment
  • Performance management
  • Business planning and modelling

After qualifying with a Big Eight accountancy firm (now PwC), Martin joined a large US consumer electronics company which is credited with introducing the first genuine laptop computer. Heading up the finance and operations functions for the UK business, Martin was exposed to all aspects of financial administration, systems implementation, performance management, HR and cost control whilst managing significant and fast growth. When the company was sold to a larger competitor, Martin played a key role in aiding the merging of the operations.

From there, Martin took on a direct selling computer manufacturer based in Bristol. After becoming general manager, he led a management buyout of the UK business and grew it to a turnover exceeding £10m from public sector and commercial contracts. The company was eventually sold to a trade competitor.

Martin was then introduced to a regional multi-site retailer with ambitious plans for growth. On joining, the business was carrying high levels of debt and many underperforming businesses. During his time with the Company, the marginal businesses were sold, debt was repaid and the core business completely reengineered. The business became a market leader in its field and Martin helped attract private equity finance to fund further development and growth.

Since Astrum Accountants has been running, Martin has been involved with a number of consultancy based assignments in addition to providing accountancy and tax services for client businesses in a range of sectors:

  • Pharmacy
  • Solicitors & legal
  • Office Supplies
  • IT
  • Property development
  • Franchisees
  • Robotics
  • Internet retailing
  • Marketing & communications
  • Construction
  • Textiles
  • Retailing
  • Consumer electronics
  • Consultancy

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