Astrum Team

There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.

Meet the Team in reverse order of joining us...

Nat Beresford

Natasha (Nat) Beresford - Creative Accountant

Being creative is a large part of Nat’s life outside of work. She loves trying out new things and indulges in art, candle making and bath bomb making. Although quite new to the kitchen, she’s extending her talent to edible creations too. Nat also enjoys being active and is planning to complete the Three Peak Challenge with her partner.

Natasha Goodwin

Natasha (Tash) Goodwin - Gregarious Accountant

A gregarious person is someone who's outgoing, sociable and fond of the company of others; we’ve got one called Tash. She regularly ferries around her two children so refers to herself as a ‘Taxi Service’. For enjoyment, yes she does have some, Tash spends as many times a year as possible on holiday with friends and family.

Melissa Stewart.jpg

Melissa Stewart – Bilingual Accountant

When not at work, Melissa likes to be outdoors, preferably by the sea, so you’re most likely to find her surfing or hiking in Devon and Cornwall. A stint living in France turned her into a Francophile so Melissa is now a fluent, albeit slightly rusty, French speaker.


Rob Daw - Jocular Accountant

Before Rob became an accountant, he used to coach junior football at a West Brom academy. He has an energetic approach to work and, although he enjoys poking fun at his colleagues, he’s always happy to laugh at himself too (good job really). Rob still enjoys football and rugby but unfortunately his playing days are behind him.


Richard Bailey - Techie Accountant

Richard is the Astrum Lego enthusiast. To the bewilderment of his teammates, different models regularly appear on his desk. He is often found playing computer games (outside of work of course) or participating in a game of Dungeons and Dragons as a hapless adventurer or the world building dungeon master.


Sheila Vincent – Chatty Accountant

Having previously worked with children, Sheila fits into the Astrum team very well. She came to accountancy late but got the job without an interview (she’s married to the Head Honcho). She’s a self-confessed chatterbox and loves a good old catch up with clients. Outside of work, Sheila is dedicated to her growing family and enjoys pottering in the garden.


Donka Atanasova - Adventurous Accountant

Outside of work Doni has an array of interests. She’s bi-lingual for starters and loves to travel. Doni is passionate about aikido and visited Japan on holiday. She prefers hiking to running (she’s done a 10k) and is fanatical about healthy living. She happily shares suggestions about how to live better, but this usually means more carrots not more carrot cake.


Angela Weids - Crazier than an Accountant

Angela is extremely well organised and does a great job at keeping the Astrum team on track; good job really ‘cause she’s our Practice Manager. She’s mad about dogs and enjoys the odd tipple (wine is always top priority when Angela organises staff events). Angela can be a bit crazy at times too; she once went for a 10 mile hike over Exmoor in flip flops (true story).


Martin Vincent - Head Honcho Accountant

Martin confesses to taking his laptop almost everywhere, but it doesn’t stop him enjoying musical theatre, drama and sport. Although he can’t sing, he does love going to shows to see people who can. He mostly watches sport but does attempt mountain biking most weeks and occasionally pretends to play tennis (he has a very patient coach).


Carol Neale - Pragmatic Accountant

Carol recognises herself as a straight-talking workaholic who loves her job as ring master to the gaggle of accountants in the engine room (accounts production team). In her spare time, Carol likes to play social badminton (we hear she’s good at the social bit), relishes trips abroad and enjoys the company of friends and family.


Lucy Cook - Eco-friendly Accountant

We refer to Lucy as our ‘pesky eco-warrior’ (not a fan of clingfilm or Sellotape). She loves the outdoors whether walking her dog or hunting in vain for eggs from her unobliging chickens. Annual ski trips and regular Sunday brunches with family and friends are high on Lucy’s priorities list behind 3 grandchildren under 5 who keep her busy whenever she foolishly imagines there’s a peaceful weekend ahead.


Neil Houghton – Father of the Practice Accountant

Neil has racked up more years in accountancy than he wishes to mention and has laid the foundations for the Astrum Team to build on. He’s stepped down as chairman now but remains a close friend and contact of the Practice and many clients he has helped over the last 30 years (oops). Oh, and Neil loves travelling (he’s especially fond of France and Poland) and is a great cook (goat curry is a speciality).

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